Week in CineLife December 1st 2017

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Disaster Artist is the story of Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco). Greg moves to LA to co-star with Tommy in one of the most unlikely cult classics of all time, the Room.

Disaster Artist opens Dec. 1st in select locations and opens wide on Dec. 8th.

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My Friend Dahmer is expanding to 100 screens this week. The movie revolves around the infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer and his struggles fitting in when he was in high school. If you’re in the Pittsburgh areas, join the Q&As on Dec 1st and 2nd at the SouthSide Works Cinema.

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Here is a sneak peak into the December trivia coming to the Spotlight Preshow:

True or False? Ice-skating star Tonya Harding refused to be interviewed for the biopic “I, Tonya.”


Harding participated in hours of interviews with screenwriter Steven Rogers for the film starring Margot Robbie.

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