BY SYDNEY LUMET – Interview with Director Nancy Buirski

Written by Brian Brooks Movie fans may find it surprising that prolific filmmaker Sidney Lumet did not receive an Oscar until he was given an honorary Academy Award in 2005. He did, however, receive nominations for Best Director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982) in addition… Continue Reading

The Best Indie Studios In The Biz

Film media attention is typically dominated by the Awards Hopefuls in the fall, typically meaning those features that distributors are positioning to catch attention from prognosticators to propel them onto the long road to Oscar. Perhaps more importantly, this usually translates into audience dollars along the way. The Toronto International Film Festival is underway, while… Continue Reading

Living the CineLifeStyle pt. 4 – Silence

Part 4 of my series is a movie called Silence. This title has a maverick director attached, so anyone and everyone in the Academy are sure to take notice. Silence is the first narrative feature by Martin Scorsese since his 2013 Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese himself is certainly no stranger at the… Continue Reading

Birth of a Nation — Review by CineLife Member Andy Ray

  Twenty-one years before Harriet Beecher Stowe published her landmark novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and 28 years before John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, a Virginia slave named Nat Turner led an uprising against landowners in southeastern Virginia. It’s difficult to mark the start of the American abolitionism movement, but this episode is as good… Continue Reading

Letter Press – CLICK HERE for Video

Cinelan – Amy displays the art of the printing press. Letterpress printing is a term for the relief printing of text and image using a press with a “type-high bed” printing press and movable type, in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive… Continue Reading