CineLife is a mobile app that was conceived and built with the independent film and art house theatre fans in mind. We’ve worked in tandem with your favorite theatres, distributors, film festivals, filmmakers, and cinema aficionados across the nation to create a mobile destination for this sophisticated community.

Why We Built CineLife

The inspiration for CineLife came from observations by people that are within the indie community – theatre owners, filmmakers, distributors, film festival operators: All of the nationwide film Apps currently focus only on the large blockbuster releases. They feature only the theatres with whom they have ticketing relationships. The high-quality programming being offered by independent, luxury Art House theatres across the nation isn’t getting the attention it deserves because it’s so much easier (and more profitable) to focus on the big budget releases.

So we set out to build a different kind of app. We put Art Houses and the films they play first!

The CineLife app is the free mobile communication platform developed in collaboration with the Art House Convergence and with input from many of its key members. Initially, CineLife was conceived as a customized app service that independent theatres could use as their own mobile app. Why should each theatre spend the resources to build its own app if one could be built for all to use, right?

The CineLife vision has evolved to encompass much more than that. CineLife is designed to reach and unite the indie film community on a mobile platform. CineLife enables new and existing patrons to stay in touch with films, events and special screenings at their favorite theatres, while concurrently building a national presence and greater awareness of the collective Art House and Independent theatre community.

Mission Statement

CineLife enhances the vitality of the independent film community by cultivating, strengthening and connecting the diverse film loving community.

CineLife Guiding Principles

CineLife strives to promote the vibrancy and culture of the entire Art House and Independent theatre community across the nation and is dedicated to supporting the preservation, restoration, documentation, and exhibition of motion pictures.

  • Attract and engage new audiences for independent motion pictures
  • Support the sustainability of community-based, mission-driven theatres across the nation
  • Supply a platform for underrepresented artists, filmmakers and film genres
  • Distribute unique event cinema content that renews patrons’ relationship with the theatres they love